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Sakuraz green energy is engaged in the application of the most innovative technologies for battery recovery in Azerbaijan. To save energy, battery-powered technologies are becoming more prevalent in the world. And this leads to the conversion of expired batteries into waste. In order to ensure the reduction of industrial waste in order to protect the environment, Sakuraz Green Energy is the first company in Azerbaijan to increase and restore the service life of batteries with BSI technology.


Our Solutions

BSI Technology

Battery Solution International Ltd. (BSI) has advanced services in extending battery life and ensuring rechargeability. BSI technology has developed a complete, innovative solution using the latest technology, along with the addition of a special item for the complete battery recovery procedure.

BSI technology is applied:




  • Lead acid-based batteries
  • Batteries manufactured with AGM technology
  • Lithium-ion batteries

Our Priority

Sakuraz Green Energy's constant priority is to reduce the environmental burden on the natural biosystem, as the problem of efficient disposal of used batteries is now relevant all over the world. The unique technology used by Sakuraz Green Energy allows the company's customers to minimize the cost of safe processing of toxic materials that make up the batteries.
We eliminate the main causes of the weakening of the capacity and volume of lead-acid batteries.

  • Sulphated tiles and elements that have lost energy
  • Drying or deterioration of the electrolyte
  • Short circuit between plates
  • Corrosion and crystallization
  • Decomposition of sulfate cages
  • Effects of temperature effects
Green Energy

BSI technology application

  • Creates a thin layer of conductive coating over the plates when released slowly
  • Cleans crystals and extends plate life
  • Breaks down salt deposits
  • Maintains electrolyte quality
  • Includes full charge
  • Retains conductivity and quality of internal resistance

Why choose BSI technologies:

  • Several times increase the service life of the batteries
  • Help save the battery owner's money and use his available resources more efficiently
  • Contribute to the preservation of the environment, thanks to the "green" principles of work
  • We give guarantees for all work performed

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