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We offer easier solutions in the new age of technology.



The world’s first Software-Defined Connectivity (SDC) solution. A converged, cloud-native, global connectivity service with inherent billing, fully designed and built for IoT services.

How does IoT work?

IoT Connectivity Platform: A cloud based connectivity management, device management, billing and core network with flexible deployment models to get your IoT projects up and running with low TCO and quick time-to-market.

Cloud-managed Mobile Private Network (LTE/5G): Bring the power of the cloud to your enterprise data center. This solution allows customized cellular IoT connectivity solutions for ultra secure, low-latency and high speed network experience.

Global IoT Network as-a-service (LTE/5G): Using advanced User and Control Plane separation technology, we offer high flexibility from our globally distributed local packet gateway array. Specially designed to meet the needs of narrowband, battery-operated device-to-cloud use cases.

A Cloud-based BSS, built for IoT: A modern, holistic business suite for mobile operators and IoT service providers, and for the IoT connectivity market at large. Our BSS includes an innovative multi-tier billing and rating system and out of the box functionality to launch new IoT business models.


With Cellwize CHIME, you can lead the 5G transformation with an intelligent and Open RAN-ready automation and orchestration platform and face the future with confidence.

Full Automation of complex heterogeneous networks, including both traditional network kit players as well as new vRAN players.
Agile & Scalable for simplifying the multiple complexities of rolling out and managing 5G networks.
An Open Architecture for handling, abstracting, and sending all types of RAN vendor data to open APIs.

With Cellwize CHIME you can leverage smart automation and orchestration as well as Open RAN SMO capabilities to power your next generation networks and gain Open RAN benefits today as you maximize the value of existing assets.

Cellwize is all about enabling the networks of the future today.
With CHIME, our cloudified and AI-driven RAN automation and orchestration platform, we enable mobile network operators (MNOs) to accelerate 5G network deployment and Open RAN readiness, as well as go-to-market and the ROI on network investments.
Even in the most complex and dynamic of network environments, CHIME drives 5G and Open RAN readiness by connecting to any application and any RAN, vRAN, and Open RAN vendor, as well as by enabling operators to co-create on top of the platform, delivering unprecedented ease, speed, and agility.
As a leading RAN SMO and Non-RT RIC solution, CHIME bridges the gap between traditional networks and Open RAN and 5G, enabling operators all over the world to face the future with confidence.


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